Innovations in the field of technologies have seen a sea change in the last few years. With each New Year coming, there is new launching of super cool gadgets with the sole motive to make life better. 2016 has too been an exceptional year in launching different types of hi-tech gadgets which has genuinely revolutionized our lifestyle and made the world a ‘smart’ place to live in. Here’s the list of the bestselling popular techno gadgets that has made 2016 a top notch year. Let’s have a look.

Fitbit Wristbands:

Healthy living has become the mantra for not only fitness freaks but for each one of us in our daily regimes. This wearable gadget accessory is a must buy to make sure that you stay healthy all day long. It tracks various activities like sleep, rest, travel, calculates the steps taken or distance travelled, calories intake and burned. It is waterproof and can be worn during swimming; the sleek and stylish look with various colour options is also available with different brands. It can be connected or paired to mobile and PCs to keep the track record.

VR Headsets

Getting engrossed in 3D experience in a theatre is always a thrilling experience. But the good news is that now you can dive into such adventures with the latest Virtual reality headsets which will offers you with 360-degree videos, or to play high action games and many more exciting and adventurous tasks. Once you don the headset you are taken to the computer stimulated environment without being physically present there. Available in different big brands this super cool gadget can give you the experience of skydiving to Jurassic park within the comfort of your home.


 Wireless Smart Bulbs

With a list of exponential gadgets hitting the market, a simple thing like bulb has become much smarter with the launch of wireless smart bulbs. Gone are the days where the incensement bulbs were use to light up our homes. This new range of bulbs are more flexible, cost saving and give you a greater deal of control over everything from the brightness and color of your bulbs to the exact occasions under which they will light up. These smart bulbs can be easily operated from android phones or iphones accordingly depending on your mood flicks. You can also use Internet based logic tools IFTTT for changing the lightings from anywhere in the planet. This exceptional creation is available in different top brands. Smart people are already flaunting it with pride

Mobile phones

When talking of the gadgets trending this season, skipping the best phones that has already blown the market is not at all a good idea. The two big launches of 2016 has definitely been Samsung S7 Edge and iphone 7plus.  Samsung s7 Edge is indeed the smartest creation of the series range. The optimum price level with incredible performance and perks coupled with the elegant looks makes it a must pick for the gadget lovers. iPhone owners has always been proud with their priced possession and for people who have not yet experienced the iphone magic, nothing can be better then it versatile iphone plus. It is not the best because it has universe of excellent apps with nimble iOS, but because it has a killing dual camera with the X factor looks.

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